Forget About Index Funds.
Get +50% ROI on your money every year.

Premium Account Management Services.

"I've been investing with Phil for two years now, and I'm not disappointed. He delivers every time."
Effingham, UK
"Phil clearly has special skills. He knows the only thing I ask for. Outstanding Returns"
Tel Aviv, Israel


If you have:

 1) An investment horizon of 1 year,

 2) A bank account with a minimum of 10.000 USD to invest,

 3) Knowledge or familiarity with FX Trading (including my trading methodology and style),

 4) And a desire for outstanding returns with minimal risk,

 you are a perfect fit.

As stated, I generate annualized average returns of 50-100% ROI, which means after the 30% Performance Fee, your net % yearly ROI as an investor would be an average of 35-70%.

Funds are deposited in your trading account with our partner broker, AxiTrader.

Your money is held at Lloyds Bank, one of the biggest banks in the world based on the UK. Our partner broker includes private insurance on clients deposits unto 1 million USD per client.

Accounts are managed by a MAM (multi-account management) system, where all accounts are managed from one master account, allocating trading positions by % of every account.


The nature of my strategy requires that funds must be reinvested during the year, thus compounding kicks in earlier and more often, shooting up returns exponentially. That’s one of the secrets I can achieve 70-100% Yearly ROI with such a low risk. 

A investment horizon of 1 year is a must!


 No, my trading style is NOT risky. I rarely get a MAX drawdown over 20%, and I STILL manage to get above average returns.

I follow a proprietary, strict money and risk management system on every single trade which allows me to grow an account while minimizing risks.

The system I use to manage multiple accounts (MAM) generates reports directly to the investors and myself, and I always give private updates to my investors quarterly.

All my investors get access to my personal WhatsApp or Telegram, so they can stay in touch with me whenever they want.

No, due to complex regulations between FX Brokers and the US law we can’t.

* DISCLAIMER: Returns Stated are based on historical past price data and past performance. Past price data and past returns does not guarantee future returns. Leveraged Contracts for Difference (“CFD”) and Foreign Exchange (“Forex”) trading carries a high degree of risk, and you should not enter into any transactions and funding unless you have fully understood all such risks and have independently determined that such transactions and type of financial services are appropriate for you.